Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Take advantage of our waxing services. Is unwanted body hair running your look? If so visit untangled for effective & gentle waxing services in West Duluth.
Take advantage of our eyebrow waxing services in West Duluth, MN
Is unwanted facial hair running your look? If so, visit Untangled for effective and gentle waxing services in Duluth, MN.

What areas do you need to wax?

We provide a variety of professional facial waxing services to help you get a smooth, hairless finish. Whether you need an eyebrow wax or a leg wax you can rekey in untangled to provide your with a relaxing experience.
We get it unwanted hair is annoying. That’s why we offer precise waxing services to help you get your desired look. Come see us for the following services.